Overview of our tools

The site is divided into three main parts: Events, Series and Info.

In the Events section we capture and collect bits of market-influencing data on which we then conduct further analysis. This section incorporates the following tools, used mostly for tactical analysis:

  • The Events Calendar lists events in a calendar format which can be filtered according to the headers and the Market Reaction Matrix. Unannounced events and non-statistical releases such as speeches are usually entered only if they have a market-influencing effect.
  • The Events Table lists all events on which statistical computations have been conducted and allows users the ability to filter and sort according to the headers.
  • The Events Diffusion Aggregator allows users to view event outcomes (P-R, P-E, P/R-A, E-A) grouped by EEC’s (EAG, EAS, EAD, INF, INT, CBF) across different date ranges (daily, weekly, monthly).

The Series section provides users with a way to chart and compare long-term time series, mostly for use in longer-term strategic analysis.

  • Even though the Events data will be available for charting under the Series section and will be marked as such, it is recommended to choose the Series data over the Events data for a given indicator (when available). That data is refreshed from official sources on a regular basis and usually undergoes adjustments which will not be captured by the Events data.